Monday, October 13, 2008

I've not updated the website much since the last post in February. I finally restored the website in February with a new motherboard and processor, but behind the scenes I've been working (off and on) to convert the site over to PHP, because I've found the existing ASP difficult to maintain. I've almost finished this process, and you can see a preview of this by clicking here. What you'll likely notice, though, is that nothing has changed cosmetically. That's because I wanted the site essentially working as-is before I made any cosmetic changes.

Chad will be helping me with this process once I've come up-to-speed a little more on PHP. He will know what to do to make the website look much better, and we'll probably add a lot more functionality as well. I'll also be working to get some of the pages converted to Spanish, a long-overdue addition to the site in keeping with our recent outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking community.

More news on all of this when there's anything to report. Stay tuned!